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Bornali Handicrafts  & Agro Export is a subsidiary of Bornali which has  been   established in the year of 2015.

Bornali Handicrafts & Agro Export basically are performing export & whole sale business in the field of Handicrafts,vegetables,fruits,species, frozen fishes, dry fishes & herbal products.

Most of the products are Bangladeshi origin which are exporting in several countries.We ensure high level quality of export products through our skilled staffs & management.

Bornali Handicrafts & Agro Export has wide range procurement source in every part of the Bangladesh & necessary logistic facility to provide quality products with the best competitive price & prompt service.

So,we are alwys looking for support of professional and honest customers for long term business relation.Interested potential Buyers/Importers are most welcome for any of their requirements & exchanging further information.

“We never compromise in quality because of we try  to continuously work for customer satisfaction by offering acceptable &  quality & functional products.”